The question comes up every now and then — why do Elaine and I mentor people in the Industry?  Aren’t we afraid of competition?

The short answer is, “No!”

There’s room for everyone, and operating from an open, generous heart makes for a better life.  More than that, when I was a kid the people I admired were mentoring others — most notably, Ray Bradbury with his proteges Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson and George Clayton Johnson, all of whom went on to write TV (most notably TWILIGHT ZONE), movies and books.

Plus we really enjoy it.  We’re thrilled when someone we’ve advised actually TAKES that advise and succeeds.

Every day we’re mentoring somebody, one way or another.   It can be a casual word with an actor/waiter, or via the Roundtable we run (and hey, the documentary on it is almost done!) or the classes we teach.

It’s fun for us, and very gratifying.  And we think it has a ripple effect, where those we’ve guided go on to guide others.

Another question that comes up is why we charge for our classes.  The Table, of course, has always been free (and it’s over 1,000 people now), but those gatherings tend to be large.

Our classes are only ten folks at a time or less.  And we found that if we didn’t charge, when people had to move out of their comfort zone to get things done they’d often bail.  Putting money down give them an incentive to take action.

I’ve just finished typing up the latest ad for our new classes (see below).  I try to put some of the above philosophy into the text, but really it boils down to this:  Live and create authentically, share what you know, make a mark in the world for the better.

Or even more simply:  Be happy, be kind, be brave.

All good thoughts your way,



 Imagine how GREAT it would feel to be PERSONALLY MENTORED by SUCCESSFUL WRITER-PRODUCER-DIRECTORS currently working in film, TV, books and the Internet…

 Well, MARC AND ELAINE ZICREE are just that!  They have hundreds of hours of produced film and TV credits for virtually every major studio and network.  They’ve written on assignment for Paramount, Universal, Warners, Disney, Sony/Columbia-Tristar, MGM, New Line, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, WB, UPN, Showtime, PBS, Turner, USA Networks, Syfy, Discovery, Nickelodeon, the BBC, NPR – and CURRENTLY have projects Guillermo del Toro, Gabe Sachs (DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, FREAK AND GEEKS) and many other top Hollywood names!  In fact, Marc just won the 2011 Saturn Award!

But more than that, Marc and Elaine are committed to helping their students punch through and win at the Hollywood game.  Many of their students have sold feature scripts and pilots, landed prominent roles in movies and TV series, gotten their dream projects financed and made, landed publishing deals and more!

If you’ve been wanting to take their class for ages and just haven’t taken action, NOW is the time!

The key is really simple:  getting guidance from those who have succeeded at what you want to do, making sure your work is solid and getting in front of the people with the power to actually say YES.

MARC AND ELAINE personally guide you week by week, step by step, in how to make things REALLY HAPPEN!  No theories – just real-world actions that work again and again!


Our Six-Week Supermentors classes for actors, writers, directors, producers – in fact, ANYONE in the Industry – are starting in the next few weeks!


* SIX WEEK SUPERMENTORS INTENSIVE – for those looking to get their careers on rails.
Limited to only TEN HIGHLY MOTIVATED students, we personally coach you on getting yourself and your material in shape, pitching effectively, targeting buyers, allies and mentors, building teams, getting the Industry and the world to pay attention to you big-time and long-term.  No esoteric theories, just specific actions YOU can apply.
Class starts Monday, July 26th, 2011, from 7pm-10pm in West Hollywood and runs once a week for six weeks.

* SIX WEEK TELECONFERENCE CLASS – For anyone, anywhere, especially those NOT in the Los Angeles area.
Limited to only ten students on a live conference call, with the same great coaching as the in-person Intensive.
Class starts in July 27h, 2011, and runs once a week for six weeks.  Actual call time will be scheduled to meet students needs (as we get students from all over the world!).

When you register for any of the classes listed, get $200 OFF!! The exclusive price with this notice is just $599 (normally $799!)

You can pay via check, or by credit card or debit card on PayPal.  Just go to www.zicree.com and click through on CLASSES — OR mail a check payable to Marc Zicree, 7521 W. Norton Ave. #8, West Hollywood CA 90046.  Be sure to include your phone number and email address.

For more information:
Please visit www.zicree.com, email marczicree@gmail.com OR call (323) 363-1259.

Don’t wait for your ship to come in – swim out to it!

  “Marc and Elaine Zicree’s Supermentors class is a great way to start a career, build a career or reinvent one.  I can’t recommend it too highly.”

SINOHUI HINOJOSA: “I am proud to announce that I will be producing and directing my first narrative feature film this August!  Thanks again for everything!”

ACTRESS BARBARA BRAGG:  “Working with Marc and Elaine has changed my life — I just booked a terrific feature, became a produced playwright – AND doubled my income!”

TRANSFORMERS 3 & WATCHMEN actor BRETT STIMELY:  “This turnaround in my career is 99.9 percent Marc and Elaine!”

DAMON LINDELOF, creator/showrunner LOST:  “I’ve known Marc since I created LOST, and aside from his Hugo Awards and Encyclopedic Knowledge of pretty much every sci-fi and genre story written or broadcast in the last century, I also consider him a genuine writing talent.  Not to mention, he is an absolute pleasure as a human being.”

CSI & BATTLESTAR GALACTICA DIRECTOR MICHAEL NANKIN:  “I’ve seen Supermentors work again and again!”

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