Another great day at Comic-Con

Wow, what a terrific day at Comic-Con!  Caught up with my old friend Mark Fergus (writer of COWBOYS AND ALIENS, IRON MAN and CHILDREN OF MEN) and met his writing partner Hawk Ormsby.  Hawk lives on the other side of the country and is rarely seen, so when I saw the two of them I said to Mark, “It’s really impressive how you can maintain the concentration to keep him looking real.”  Also had nice chats with many of my TV writer pals, including Ira Behr, the brilliant showrunner I worked with on DEEP SPACE NINE when I came up with “Far Beyond the Stars.”  Gabe Sachs, the wonderful showrunner I’m developing the MAGIC TIME web series with was there too and it was fun to hang out with him and see what a great guy he is.

Many other wonderful memories — the husband-and-wife team who’ve done the marvelous book BOILERPLATE, which J.J. is making into a movie, the WGA party, last night on COAST TO COAST… and true to my word (and my article in the WGA magazine) I didn’t stand in a single line today to get into a panel — just hung out in hallways and on the dealer room floor and trusted that kind fate would bring good people my way.  What a fine time — and tomorrow’s my book signing!

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