Book signing with surprise guest

Marc Zicree, George Noory and Sherri Zicree at book signing

What a full day of excitement!  I woke early down in San Diego and jumped on the freeway by 7 AM to avoid the crowd driving home from Comic-Con — so I could get to my book signing at Mystery and Imagination Bookstore in Glendale by 1 PM.  Arrived there to find my stepmother Sherri ready to start signing copies of her book ASKED AND ANSWERED — HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.  There was a big crowd waiting — it turns out my good friend George Noory had put out a call to the listeners to show up… adding that he would surprise me by coming to the signing!

Great fun.  George and Sherri and I spoke and fielded questions about Harry Potter, TWILIGHT ZONE and COAST TO COAST for an hour, then we signed books.  Sherri sold a good number of her marvelous Harry Potter quiz book, I got to inscribe my share of TWILIGHT ZONE COMPANIONs and even George got into the act signing our books too and also a copy of one book he’d written that the store had on hand.

Two Zicrees signing books

And oh yes — I brought my Saturn Award, thought folks might enjoy seeing it.

What a kind thing for George Noory to do.  It’s so wonderful to have such caring friends.

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