James Cameron & Me

Went to the WGA screening of AVATAR the last week and had the chance to talk with James Cameron and also his producer Jon Landau.  It was enormously inspiring.

Marc Zicree & James Cameron at the WGA screening of Avatar

Marc Zicree & James Cameron at the WGA screening of Avatar

James has made some of my favorite films, which I watch often – especially ALIENS and the director’s cut of THE ABYSS.  What I find most moving and impressive about his work is the level of his ambition, which is not just to create fine films but to actually change how films are made, to raise the bar each time.

I think for each of us this is an important lesson.  I know in my own work I always strive to create something I’ve never seen before, something original and true to my own life.

Fortunately, I’ve often succeeded at this goal, whether it was with “World Enough and Time,” “Far Beyond the Stars” or even THE TWILIGHT ZONE COMPANION.  I’ve found this extremely gratifying.  And it helps to hear guys like Cameron speak, as it serves to re-inspire me.

It was also great to catch up with Jon Landau.  Jon is the brother of Les Landau, director of STAR TREK – TNG, DEEP SPACE NINE and VOYAGER.  Les was attached as a director on my project MAGIC TIME some years back.  It’s been awhile since we spoke, but I’ll be getting in touch soon.  I know he’ll be tickled that since we last talked I directed my own STAR TREK episode too.

Jim Cameron had mentioned some very interesting things, including that he’s working on a novel of AVATAR that will go much more deeply into the backstory, and that there’s a strong likelihood he’ll be doing an AVATAR sequel.

He also went into some detail on the original opening he shot for the film, which takes place on earth.  I imagine we’ll eventually see that as an extra on the DVD.

It was also great fun to learn that Jim Cameron is a STAR TREK fan – I gave both him and Jon copies of “World Enough and Time.”  The thought of Cameron watching my work is quite a thrill.

More adventures to come…

All good thoughts your way,

  1. Michael L. Wentz Reply
    I'm sure he'll love 'World Enough and Time' as much as we all did!
  2. Ali Murtaza Reply
    Sounds like a good ol time. I hope you enjoyed his company, I know he did yours.

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