Just Wrote Ten Pages on New Screenplay

Comic-Con, COAST TO COAST and the book signing were all fun, but now it’s time to get back to logging some pages.  I’m up to page 75 on my new thriller screenplay FURIOUS, wrote ten pages today, good feeling.

One difference between writing now and in the old days is you can research so easily.  Here I am typing along and I need to read up on predator drones, raptor stealth fighters, General Atomics, etc., and it’s only a few keystrokes away thanks to Google.   Not like the old days when you had to haunt research libraries and dig and dig.  Quite a relief, actually.

Over the next few days we’re taking meetings on FUGITIVE SPACE to look at designing the practical of the alien and nailing down the funding.  Met yesterday with Neil Johnson on having him come aboard to help mount the production.  We’re teaching a class with him, and he’s also encouraging me to write a new feature that I could shoot sometime around November.  Exciting times…

More adventures to come.

All good thoughts your way,

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