London Wants Sci-Fi Blockbusters!

Hi, guys,

The last few days have been quite a ride.  Word of the class we’re doing with Neil Johnson on How To Make a Sci-Fi Blockbuster For Loose Change — and Turn a Profit! has spread around the world. In fact, Sci-Fi London has asked us to do a presentation at their Festival next year!  Cool!

We have people flying in from all over to sit in on the class — in fact, an Afghani filmmaker has just told us he’ll be stopping by.  Science fiction really is the universal language.

We still have a few slots left in the class, and I’ve gotten Neil to agree to extend the deadline so that anyone who signs up for the class will still get the Bonus 10-Hour 3-DVD set with Neil, Elaine and I sharing all our writing and filmmaking secrets.

So spread the word — to see the extremely entertaining and impressive TRAILER click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtAnZu3ajPE

More info on the class is at www.scifiblockbuster.com

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