Lost Mars, Savage Donut, & Pink 5

It’s been an exciting week – I pitched the LOST MARS miniseries and two pilots to Sam Raimi’s company, including SAVAGE DONUT PARADISE, the new one I just finished writing, and it went very well; they’re avidly reading the material now.

A still from The Time Element - the lost Twillight Zone pilot

A still from "The Time Element" – the lost Twilight Zone pilot. Click here to watch it on YouTube!

In addition, I did two new audio commentaries for the TWILIGHT ZONE BLU-RAY DVD, the spectacular first-season episode “The After Hours” starring the stunning Anne Francis and directed by my friend Doug Heyes, and “The Time Element,” the famed lost first pilot of TWILIGHT ZONE. The Serling script was shelved by CBS in 1958 and then filmed as an episode of DESILU PLAYHOUSE starring William Bendix. This episode has never been on home video and will be a remarkable extra for the set.

Beyond this, I had a wonderful breakfast meeting with Marti Resteghini, a development exec with web series network Koldcast. She’s now reading CONTROLLERS, the pilot I wrote with Steve Altman, which I think would make a great web series – especially with me directing it!

Poster image from Trey Stokes' Star Wars parody "Return of Pink Five"

Marti recommended that I meet Trey Stokes, an extremely talented director and special effects guy. Trey did a trilogy of STAR WARS fan films revolving around Stacy, or Pink 5 as she’s known, as she makes her delightful and ditzy way through Lucas’ first three films — PINK 5, PINK 5 STRIKES BACK and THE RETURN OF PINK 5.. Marti emailed me the links and I watched all three – they’re terrific fun, impressively made. Check them out at http://www.pinkfive.com/

I’ll be emailing Trey shortly and I’m sure – as with when I met Iain McCaig – that we’ll find we’re kindred souls and end up collaborating one way or another.

The universe is so full of talented souls. It’s always such a thrill to meet new ones…

All good thoughts your way,

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