Movin’ On Up…

Hi, guys –

I just wanted to update you on a great new development. Elaine and I have just launched a new, super cool website for Supermentors. We’re going to be posting all kinds of useful information, tips, and insights that will help you move forward in the business as well information on our classes and progress on our own projects.

Since we have the new site, I’ll not be posting in this location anymore but you can track of my adventures in the entertainment world over at Supermentors.com. Head on over and I’ll see you there!

All good thoughts your way,

  1. Steve Hovland Reply
    What makes a screenplay commercial? Here are some ideas. What would you add? Protagonist who arouses sympathy and hopefully affection Internal problem (reservations) External problem (threats) Antagonist we hate (psychopath) Internal problem (scraps of humanity) External problem (resistance from potential victims) or Quest/Vision- overcoming obstacles or Big Problem that can only be solved by learning more/growing High Stakes/Powerful Motivation – something worth fighting for Emotional Roller Coaster – polar opposites Life Lesson Shadow Dilemma Redemption for people that start out bad Connection to Zeitgeist Actor Bait Authentic female and male dialog Four Quadrant Appeal: Young, Old, Male, Female

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