New Classes Coming Up To Help Writers, Directors, Actors & Producers

Wow, busy times starting off the New Year!

I just finished the new draft of my pilot SAVAGE DONUT PARADISE (more on that soon) and am actively pitching the RAY BRADBURY’S LOST MARS miniseries, plus my book agents are aggressively submitting the memoir about my Mom to New York publishers (thankfully, I’ve sold every book I’ve ever written and had bestsellers in both fiction and non-fiction, so that helps).

But some of the coolest news is that Elaine and I are teaming up with some great folks to help others in the biz with their careers, via our classes.

We’re teaching new Six-week mentoring classes for writers, directors, producers and actors beginning January 19th and 20th, for people in L.A. and via teleconference for those elsewhere in the world.  Our students have been doing great, getting books and pilots sold, movies released, you name it.  (Check the Supermentors section of this site for more info).

Beyond this, we’re teaming with Mark and Jeanne Simon, who run SELL YOUR TV CONCEPT NOW to teach a weekend class in February in L.A. on how to pitch and sell a TV series.  We’ll have Emmy winners from major hit reality and fiction TV series coaching our students.  We’ll be having a free teleseminar next Wednesday to talk about all of this.

We’re also going to be hosting a LAUNCHING THE FUTURE teleseminar with top movie producer Suzanne Lyons (eight features in eight years) later this month where you can look back over the last year and design 2010 for maximum effectiveness.   I just took the class myself and it was great I asked Suzanne to do another session for those we work with.

She graciously agreed.

If you want more info on any of the above, feel free to email me at marc@zicree.com  It’s going to be a really fun and exciting few months ahead, for all of us.

All good thoughts your way,

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