The Latest on Space Command!

Be sure to check out the breaking news on Marc’s epic science fiction series, starring Doug Jones (Falling Skies, Star Trek Discovery),
Robert Picardo (Star Trek Voyager, Stargate Atlantis), Bill Mumy (Babylon 5, Lost in Space), Mira Furlan (Babylon 5, Lost), Mike Harney (Orange is the New Black), Bruce Boxleitner (Tron, Babylon 5), James Hong (Blade Runner, Big Trouble in Little China), Faran Tahir (J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, Iron Man) and more!

You do this by logging onto www.spacecommandmovie.com, friending Marc on Facebook, or joining the Facebook Space Command Fan Group – or all three!

And here are the spectacular posters for Space Command Redemption and Space Command Forgiveness from our resident genius artist Jeff Hayes!

PhotoshopScreenSnapz002 unnamed



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