Well, okay, I know I’m the world’s expert on THE TWILIGHT ZONE, but it looks like there’s another author in the Zicree family… one who knows heaps about something that might conceivably be even more popular than the Zone (I’ll leave that one up to the pollsters).

My stepmom Sherri Zicree has just written ASKED AND ANSWERED — HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.  It has an incredible 4,000 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS relating to J.K. Rowling’s final (so far — never say never again) Harry Potter book.

Sherri Zicree, author

Sherri began writing the book while accompanying my Dad to his dialysis treatments, and Harry Potter gave her a positive force in her life to help provide a counterweight to all the hard times.  When my dad decided not long ago to suspend treatment and die with dignity, he was cheered by the knowledge that Sherri’s book would soon see print and that I’d be showing her some of the ropes of getting a book out into the world.

Sherri and I are doing a joint book signing event at MYSTERY AND IMAGINATION BOOKS in Glendale this upcoming Sunday, starting at 1 PM, with a panel on the enduring popularity of fantasy in film, TV and books.  Special guest panelists to be announced — you won’t want to miss it.

The book is available via Amazon and Createspace, on Kindle and Nook and god knows what.  (I still live in the 20th Century myself…)

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So for gosh shakes — buy the book.  In fact, buy two or three — you must have some Harry Potter fans in your life!

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