Top Showrunner Helps Supermentors Students

Hi, guys,

Folks often ask how our classes differ from those offered by others, and I wanted to share what happened this past Monday night as an example.

We asked our students one week earlier if there was someone they’d like to have come in to coach them each individually.  Previously, we’ve had showrunners, big feature screenwriters, directors of shows like BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, CSI and HEROES, creators of hit shows, etc.

This time, they all said they wanted a showrunner (executive producer) on a current hit show.  We put in a call and a writer-producer who’s run a number of network dramas (and is responsible for the hit network show he’s currently on being on the air) came by the class this Monday night.

The Supermentors

The Supermentors

We went around the table and each student had plenty of time to talk about what they were doing, what their goals were and ask questions of our guest relating to their own careers and objectives.

But what was truly remarkable was that our guest was so thrilled by the energy, drive and sincerity of our students – and by the vibe of our class — that he decided on the spot to offer to personally make calls and open doors on their behalf.

It wasn’t hot air.  By the next day, he’d:

  • Called a major TV director for one of our director students to shadow.
  • Reached out to a top TV writer one of our producer clients wanted to meet with (and whose agent had previously been blocking her).
  • Set a lunch at the studio for one of our writing students to meet with and be mentored by a writer on his show (a lunch the showrunner plans to attend too).
  • Called his own agent to recommend he consider one of our writer students for representation.
  • Called a director and special effects guy to direct a scene for one of our actor student’s reels.

Wow!  This doesn’t happen with all our guests, of course, but the Industry pros we invite do coach each student individually and specifically, as do Elaine and I.

Our goal is to help our students cut through the Hollywood nonsense and get things accomplished.

Having a successful career in Hollywood truly only takes several factors to be in place:

  • Making sure your work is of solid professional quality.
  • Having samples (scripts, reels, etc.) that show what you can do.
  • Knowing how to present yourself and ask for what you want.
  • Having people help open doors for you.
  • Getting to the people with the power to say yes (most in this town only have the power to say no).

We help you with all of the above.

We have new classes starting next week, with a few slots left.

Don’t miss out and don’t wait.

This life is not a rehearsal, it’s the real show – make it one that’s spectacular.

All best,

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