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Hi, guys,

Just got back from hobnobbing with my brother wizards at Comic-Con, appearing on COAST TO COAST and having my TWILIGHT ZONE COMPANION and ASKED AND ANSWERED – HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS book signing at Mystery and Imagination Bookstore.  Wanted to let you know what’s coming up next —

Namely, that we have two amazing classes in August that could be of great help to you!

Next Tuesday July August 2nd we’re starting our Six-Week Supermentors Intensive for Writers, Actors, Directors, Producers or anyone else in the Industry – limited to just TEN students.  Brad Pitt’s screenwriter and other major speakers will be coming to personally advise.

If you’ve wanted to get cast in great roles, sell your pilot or movie script (or make it yourself), direct or produce a feature, publish bestselling books or any other Industry goal – or just punch through to the next level, this class is a great way to make things happen.  (And you can also take the class via teleconference if you’re not in L.A.!)

Price is discounted to just $599 (normally $799) and you can read more about it at www.zicree.com

THEN the weekend of August 27-28th for the first time we’re teaching a NEW class with our amazing friend director Neil Johnson.  It’s called How to Make a Sci-Fi Epic for $27,000!

After making seven features in a row and thousands of commercials, Neil’s done just that with ALIEN ARMAGEDDON – and the three of us will teach you how to do the same!

Most beginning filmmakers mistakenly assume they have to think small.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Here is a trailer link:


And here is the red carpet event video link…


Neil’s made films costing millions but now knows he can deliver more production and excitement for MUCH less!

You can take the class in person (or if you’re not in L.A. receive a DVD set that comes with an in-person Q&A teleconference with all three of us) for $349 – or the EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNT of just $299 if you sign up before August 1st!

You can pay by logging onto www.paypal.com and indicating you want to pay marc@zicree.com or by mailing a check to Marc Zicree, 7521 W. Norton Ave. #8, West Hollywood, CA 90046.

Feel free to email me or call (323) 363-1259 for more details.

All good thoughts your way,



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