Your life is your work of art

Some remarkable times the last twenty-four hours… Last night Elaine and I did a Skype video up-link with the Dallas arm of the Industry Roundtable we run.  There were forty-two people at the restaurant who’d braved the 100-plus heat to come ask questions of us, and for the next 90 minutes or so we coached them on every aspect of breaking into Hollywood and otherwise building a thriving movie and TV career.  (And for more on that, check out www.zicree.com)

Of course, breaking into Hollywood isn’t all it’s about — something that’s very clear to me, especially as I’m reading Ray Bradbury’s wonderful biography now, plus working on my own new screenplay, the film I’m directing, MAGIC TIME web series, the Guillermo book… and of course the life I’m living.

In addition to being nearly done with the first draft of my script FURIOUS (figure I’ll be done by next week), I’m also starting in on writing the book about my Dad, entitled THE CHRISTMAS WATCH.

I was reading through notes I made during his final week and came upon this thought I had:  “We are all of us artists, and our life is the work of art we create.  With some it is chaotic and violent, others balanced and serene.  But whatever the totality, it is ours.”

By the way, in terms of breaking into Hollywood I’m about to start shooting THE SUPERMENTORS ONE-MINUTE FILM SCHOOL, a video blog that I’ll mention more on shortly.  We also have new classes coming up, and I’ll be blogging here about a number of ways of making things happen in film, TV and books very soon.

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